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Black Point Development, a premier real estate development company, is pleased to introduce a dynamic team of four accomplished senior-level executives, each bringing unique expertise in the fields of construction, real estate, development, and architecture. This executive summary provides an overview of our team's collective strengths, our mission, and our commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable, and exceptional results in the real estate industry.

Black Point Development is committed to being a leader in the residential housing sector in Virginia. Our dedication to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and thoughtfully designed residential properties, combined with a deep understanding of the market and a strong emphasis on community engagement, positions us for success. We welcome potential investors and partners to join us in shaping the future of residential housing in Virginia. Together, we can create vibrant, thriving communities and deliver profitable opportunities for our stakeholders.

House Construction

Our Mission

Our mission at Black Point Development is to transform the housing landscape by delivering thoughtfully designed and environmentally sustainable residential housing that enhances the lives of our residents while ensuring financial success for our stakeholders

Our Core Values

  • Expertise: We are committed to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of our respective fields to provide the best possible solutions.

  • Integrity: Ethical, transparent, and principled business practices are the foundation of our operations.

  • Sustainability:  We prioritize sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in our projects, aligning with local and global sustainability goals.

  • Innovation: Embracing innovation and technology is integral to our quest for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and superior project outcomes.

  • Client-Centric Approach: We place our clients' needs at the center of our operations, striving to deliver tailored solutions, excellent service, and transparent communication.

Our Core Strategies

  • Site Selection: A meticulous site selection process that identifies strategic locations with a focus on accessibility, proximity to amenities, and potential for community development.

  • Design and Construction: Innovative and sustainable design and construction practices that maximize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and ensure long-term quality.

  • Financing: Establishing partnerships with diverse funding sources, including banks, investors, and government programs, to secure financing for our projects.

  • Community Engagement: Fostering strong relationships with the local community by involving residents, conducting outreach, and addressing their unique needs and preferences.

  • Property Management: Implementing professional property management practices to ensure high living standards, resident satisfaction, and long-term sustainability of our residential developments.

  • Our Social Impact: Our projects offer a positive social impact, such as job creation, economic growth, and the improvement of living conditions for residents in the community.

Meet The Team

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